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AMLA Consulting group

Let’s share some thoughts about our world

Welcome to

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Let’s share some thoughts about our world


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What is “The Business of Doing Business” ?

In the Knowledge Age, making profits rests heavily on two tenants:


bullet-AMLA-claro4Innovative adaptation to technological flow

The Knowledge Age Business Practices need to be:

The Knowledge Age Business Practices need to be:

Like creating knowledge, creating profits demand a collective approach

Shared Value is the Knowledge Age approach to producing profits.
Shared Value involves creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges.

The pillars of Shared Value are:

New Set of Business Practices

New Organizational Approaches

Greater Integration to Communities

Value Creation and its Challenges:

In less than 50 years, the world has gone from a mechanical approach to value creation as a collaborative and continuously enriching process.

So, what is preventing most corporations from creating value?

Like in the Middle Ages, corporations have stored different kinds of value creating knowledge in self-contained silos which do not communicate among themselves.

Cross-fertilization is hindered and with it, growth. Silo mentality is the greatest obstacle to growth!

But, in order to shift from Competitive knowledge creation to Collaborative knowledge creation, Corporations need to engage in:

bullet-AMLA-claro5Transformational coaching for the leadership

bullet-AMLA-claro5Team building by every employee

bullet-AMLA-claro5Community outreach as a part of business operations with a view to reduce or mitigate risks, increase productivity, and innovate.

Successful economic performance demands

a transformation on the part of corporations and their leadership

bullet-AMLA-claro5 Facing highly ambiguous challenges will help managers develop a set of tools that prepare them for the uncertainties they will increasingly encounter as they ascend up the corporate ladder.

bullet-AMLA-claro5 Shielding subordinates from corporate politicking.

bullet-AMLA-claro5 Shielding subordinates from corporate politicking.Reduced hierarchy and transparency are both key principles of open source project management.

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