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Management Consulting

Knowledge creation and consumption in the 21st century are anchored in one pillar: Collaboration. To succeed in any professional endeavor it is thus necessary to break the Silo corporate culture and to deploy a Shared Value Creation approach to competitiveness

Strategic Advance

Our approach is to consider problems from a variety of analytical angles, present a range of options, and ultimately recommend the path our clients should follow. In addition, we work directly alongside our clients in the strategic development as well as implementation.

Partnership Building

When growing or entering new markets, companies often require strategic partnerships that can help them through the process. At AMLA, we are experienced in bringing together people and companies to accomplish these goals. We also help our clients identify the best potential partner for their business.

Government Relations

Most of AMLA’s Directors, at a certain point of their professional careers have had important responsibilities in Latin American and US governments, some of them in very high-level positions. Today, we can say that we have built an impressive outreach in most of the Americas governments, providing a promising environment for our clients to reach their expansion goals.

Online Reputation

Do you want to know what is said about you online? We have a great team of professionals who specialize in Search, analysis, and reconstruction of your digital reputation.

Inbound Marketing

AMLA has associates who have extensive and proven experience with inbound marketing methodology. We assemble sales-oriented marketing strategies, which in turn are accompanied by impeccable customer service processes.


Beatrice E. Rangel

Founder & Managing Director

An accomplished international business executive with broad-based expertise in analyzing, developing negotiating, and implementing short and long-term corporate investment strategies and acquisitions throughout the Latin American and Caribbean communities. Recent professional focus stresses development of Shared Value approach to business practices as means to increase effectiveness and better manage the business cycle.

A former Minister of the Secretariat during the Presidency of Carlos Andrés Pérez (Venezuela); Chief Strategist for the Cisneros Group of Companies and Institutional Relations Director for Codere S.A. as well as CEO of Codere Argentina and Codere Mexico. Ms. Rangel, a U.S. citizen, maintains strong government, military, law enforcement and business contacts throughout the Americas region.

Supporting the Development of Management Capabilities for the 21st Century